Bored of Borders

So, a little bit about our day. We started with a pole hunt but apparently in the countryside of Germany you can’t buy roller skiing poles. So this morning Karlis started with just one pole. It looked a bit weird but Karlis was convinced that one is better than none. For the first half of the day Karlis and Matīss were stumbling around in the net of small country roads, constantly ending up on gravel or sand and turing back to find a way suited for Karlis skates. When skating, let’s call it that way, on sandy roads Karlis needed the second pole so badly that he started using one of the broken ones. Afterwards we could not decide, which was funnier – skating with one pole or with two poles of different sizes. After lunch they got fed up with going back and forth, so our super team decided to ignore the cycling route generated by Google and choose the bigger roads, hence increasing the distance traveled between towns, but getting a better speed. Today we crossed borders for 7 times because our route took us through parts of Netherlands and then back again to the German ground. At the end the only thing that helped us to determine the country we are in was the bar of the German mobile operator’s signal in one of our phones. After completing todays 105km stretch we ended up in Germany, but we are spending the night in a camping in the Netherlands and tomorrow morning we have to return to Germany to continue the ride. It’s a good thing that there are no more borders or at least no border control between these countries anymore =) Today we said goodbye to our friend Matīss, because his journey with us is now over. Tomorrow morning Karlis is starting solo again.

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