Bored of Borders

After the daily 105km we ended up in a small town of Echt near Roermund. After the finish we drove our house back to Roermund to pick up the first guest, who actually spent a night with us in our small home. It was our friend Gjanno, who made a little detour to catch us on his way from Amsterdam to Berlin. When we had picked up Gjanno it was already quite late and we still had no idea for a place to spend the night. We tried our luck at a local camping near the city center. The camping was already closed but the manager, who lives in the same building, offered us a spot. Unfortunately without internet connection. The camping place was quite expensive and we kind of needed the net, so Zane apologized and politely said, that we won’t be staying here after all. The manager started yelling and cursing and didn’t want to let us leave, because, as he alleged, he had already printed out the receipt. Nice customer service, don’t you agree? We drove around for some time till we found an empty parking lot some 200m away from a suburban district. It looked like we wouldn’t disturb anyone, so we parked our home there. After 5minutes an angry man came and ordered us to leave in plain Dutch. He took the time to get dressed and walk to the far end of the parking lot just to throw us out. So far the good people of Roermund turned out not so good. After the cold shoulder of Roermund we drove out of the city and stayed in another parking lot. The evening went on cozier than ever because now we were six people in our small flat. Italian pasta, Latvian beer (just for the supporting crew of course) and chatting with friends always is a good mix.

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