Bored of Borders

For the first part of the day we left Karlis alone on the route and focused on getting our guest Gjanno to a place suitable for hitchhiking back to Berlin (one night with the road punks was enough for him) and getting our hands on a free Wi-Fi, to find a store in Cologne where we could by new poles for Karlis. He has broken five poles already and today was skating with two broken ones, which got shorter and shorter with each push. After an hour of Wi-Fi searching, ten minutes of internet browsing and five minutes on the phone we finally booked one pair of poles in a store located in the center of Cologne. Cologne is more than 80km off our route but it was the only place where we could find the right poles. The rain and short poles made the second stretch of today’s route a bit of a challenge for Karlis, because his skates were slipping on the wet asphalt and the short poles prevented Karlis from pushing himself further with enough force. So basically for the second part of the day Karlis was quite slow. After 71km at 17:00 we ended todays route and headed straight to Cologne, to get there before the shop we found earlier today closes. After 1.5h drive we finally reached Cologne and got the poles. This time Karlis bought titanium poles and not the carbon ones. We hope that these will last longer.

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