Bored of Borders

The day started with yet another milestone – Karlis crossed into the 5th thousand stretch of his journey. When in France, you have to celebrate important occasions like true Frenchmen with a baguette and some cheese, so we did. At the 4000km mark Liene presented Karlis with four baguettes. Some publicity photos for the fans and Karlis already was on his way. In the middle of the day while changing bearings in the wheels of Karlis skates we discovered that two of the wheels are cracked, so we had to change both sets of wheels. These wheels lasted for 1000km and we are sure that the reason for such a short life was the poor surface quality of the small country roads we are traveling on. After the wheel change we left Karils on his own for almost 2 hours and made a foolish mistake leaving him without any hex-key or other tools. This foolishness resulted in an annoying stretch for Karlis because he had to retighten the wheels only with his fingers. Afterwards he told us that he performed this task for 15 times. The down moment of todays trip was a little conflict between our camper and a local BMW in the narrow streets of a French town. This was the first time in our trip when we faced truly compelling language barrier which prevented the involved parties from reaching any commonly acceptable decision. We didn’t want to pay-off and the local driver didn’t want to call the police, so after 10 minutes of literarily speaking in different languages he threw his hand at us and said something meaning “It’s ok.” So we got off easy. Also we discovered a new fun fact – we have arrived in France after the end of the camping season. Today we visited four closed camping sites and only at the 5th one we found an open gate and a hot shower. By the way, today Karlis made 107km – if someone is interested in cold numbers =).

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