Bored of Borders

Today the rushing towards the South finally paid off – we caught up with summer. The day warmed up to 20 degrees Celsius and our clothes dropped like autumn leaves. Karlis finally showed his skin again which happened last time somewhere in Norway. Zane even climbed the stairs to our roof compartment and got her Spain clothes. Imagine – France, the amazing scenery of a small village, sun shining in your face, the windows are open to let in the warm breeze passing by and the speakers are filling the ambiance with the sounds of Sigur Ros. It was frickin’ amazing. The fun fact of today is directly related to the place of solitude and peace – the toilet. Of course it’s nice that some of the public bathrooms are equipped with automatic self-cleaning systems, but you never want to experience the cleaning process first hand. It results in wet feet and total destruction of the precious moment. Time by time Karlis skates find a way to surprise our technical team by falling apart in a different way. Today a lace of the brake system unscrewed, but this time the technical mishap didn’t leave any marks on Karlis body. So all and all, a good day today. After 116km we ended up by an abandoned house on the road side enclosed by mountains and passed by a small river. The yard by the house is just the right size for our home, so today we are sleeping side by side with our dear friend – The Road.

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