Bored of Borders

The morning begun with shots and dog howls. “Are the owners of the house back and want us off their property?” was the first thought, but of course the reality was not quite so extreme. It was a usual Saturday morning during the hunting season in the nearby woods. Men in orange vests, with rifles in their hands and hunting dogs were walking across the road near our home but none of them payed any attention to the weirdoes parked by the abandoned house. In the afternoon we ran into routing problems because as a true travelers of the 21st century we are relying only on digital maps which need constant internet connection but the rural regions our road takes us through often have no cellular coverage. To deal with this issue we had to make a little detour to the nearest town where we loaded the route and got back on it. This was not the only extra kilometers we had to travel, because Karlis forgot to turn on the GPS tracking in his watch and had to return 5km back. That’s the price he has to pay for trying to set a Guinness Record, because those guys will forgive no slip-ups in the data, so everything has to be tip-top. Other than that the day went on with no hiccups – the warm late summer weather was still following us and the narrow roads took us places where no tourist bus has ever been. Even now in the middle of the night we are still sitting outside with our laptops and slowly forgetting the freezing embrace of the North Cape. Today Karlis added another 117km to his account, shortening the remaining distance to 1824km – just a tail, so to speak.

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