Bored of Borders

Ok, if we thought that our previous route through France was narrow and serpentine, then today we took a real roller-coaster ride through a national park. Liene was turning the steering wheel back and forth and our camper, which by the way is much too large and clumsy for these paths, was rushing down the slope turn by turn. While the downhill ride was quite fun and exciting, the climbing up the hill turned into a snail race – the engine roared running in the first gear and our house unwillingly swarmed up. Thats the price we have to pay for evading the main roads and heavy traffic. Today our cruiser played a practical joke with us – at one point the engine refused to start and played dead, which is never a good sign. This time we got lucky and managed to fix this problem without the help of a mechanic. Miks found the loose wire and reconnected it to the starter and we got back on the road. We shortly visited a peculiar town named Thiviers. It seamed that the good people of Thiviers are excessively fond of the Foie Gras pate – many houses were decorated with drawings of geese, one street had the name of this particular pate and there was even a special tourism center dedicated to Foie Gras. Of course there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, but for outsiders like us it seamed a bit strange. Another strange thing is that we have traveled almost 800km through France, the land of wine and vineyards, but haven’t seen a single one of them. For us France is the land of corn, dried up sunflowers and plowed fields. Today Karlis finally caught up with the schedule – he made 120km, which means that for the remaining 16 days of his journey he has to skate 110km a day.

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