Bored of Borders

Not to sound over dramatic, but we lost Karlis today. Of course eventually we found him again, but for a while he was lost in in the corn fields. The cause of this mishap was Karlis iPhone which finally gave up after several introductions to the solid ground. Suddenly the screen went of, so Karlis was left with no route guidance and means of communication. He tried to find his way by heart, but that didn’t work very well – he ended up asking for help to a local farmer who showed our lost friend his location on a map. Obviously he was nowhere near the route, but now he at least new where to go. While Karlis was exploring the unknown territories, we were preparing lunch and waiting for him. We had gone approx. 20km ahead of him, so for some time we didn’t realize that something had went wrong. After an hour we finally called the skater and he managed to answer despite the phone screen that had gone to the dark side. We arranged a meeting on the highway which he had found and after some time we were reunited. This was one of those times, when you think that technology is good, but old fashion paper map is even better. In a way today for us felt like the first day in France, because we finally saw the vineyards with huge vine fields and spectacular wineries. So the legends are true after all and the French do make wine. Interestingly, today we also saw the first palm trees – for now just in the yards of private houses, but it still was a sign of our progress South. During this day we got another 111km closer to our goal, so in a few days we will face the biggest challenge of this trip – the Pyrenees.

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