Bored of Borders

Today Karlis was playing with his GoPro camera a lot. He’s got a special GoPro helmet, which basically is a hockey helmet with a long metal pole attached to it using a roller-skate wheel as a turnable joint. This construction on Karlis head looked a bit weird, but it did the trick – we got some cool video footage of Karlis crossing small French villages. It seems that even here the autumn has finally caught up with the summer, because today the rain clouds took over the sky and forced the sun behind a grey curtain. The curtain ripped open only during the sunset over the vague contours of the Pyrenees. Yes, we finally saw the massive rock wall for the first time and even from a distance it seemed huge. Karlis as a passionate climber was glad to see the mountains but he also admitted, that he was hoping that they would be lower. Tomorrow he will cross the mountains and the last border in this journey, stepping onto the Spanish ground. He will have to make the crossing solo, because the camper and the supporting crew will drive to Toulouse to pick up the new poles that were sent there from Germany and the oil filter for the camper. So tomorrow we will part our ways and it’s possible that we’ll meet again on the other side of the Pyrenees. Almost forgot – 110km today, so we are still going by the schedule.

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