Bored of Borders

This was an unusual morning for our crew – Karlis pushed out for the Pyrenees, but the supporting team set sail for Toulouse 150km away to pick up the poles delivered there and buy a spare oil filter for our camper. For a moment there we thought that all is lost, because half way to Toulouse we realized that the poles hadn’t been delivered because of an error in the address. While trying to track the parcel using the DPD internet system we stumbled upon a record saying that our pack is being sent back to Germany. A moment of desperation it was, because at that point we didn’t have the contact info for the depot handling the shipment. Thank God for helpful guys like Tim, who helped us a lot with this situation, so in the end we got the poles despite the incorrect address. Toulouse is a big city and even the navigation didn’t prevent us from getting a bit lost for a couple of times, so we were truly relieved to finally get out of the maze of roads, viaducts and roundabouts. We caught Karlis only in the evening and approximately 5km before today’s finish. He was already half way across the Pyrenees and almost out of France. It’s funny how you tend to imagine things, like for example, we had imagined the crossing being narrow serpentine roads going up and down again, but the reality turned out not so harsh and romantic. For the most part of today’s route the crossing was gradually inclining and the road had far less loops than we had imagined. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. After the daily 110km Karlis finished today’s stretch approximately 15km form the border of Spain meaning that early tomorrow morning we will reach the last country marked in our maps.

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