Bored of Borders

The morning in the mountains was colder than we anticipated, so during the hours from wakeup till start the most optimistic members of our team had to add few more layers of clothing and change the sandals back to boots. Today it became clear that yesterday’s route into the Pyrenees was just a warm-up. The first 15km of today’s journey were a constant incline and the strong wind didn’t help either, so it took Karlis almost 2 hours to get to the Spanish border. The only good thing about the wind was the fact, that Karlis could spare his break pads, because the only thing he had to do to break was stand straight and the wind did the rest. After lunch Liene’s modest Spanish helped us to organize oil change for our camper, so now it’s back in the best shape an old-timer can be. At first we were not sure if Karlis is allowed to skate on Spanish highways, so we tried to plan our route around them, which was quite difficult because the smaller roads are really small and the road network as a whole is quite unorganized. As an experiment Karlis tried to skate on a highway for a while and only one or two drivers greeted him with frustrated horning, so we took it as a good sign and rerouted Karlis to highways. Our plan is to continue the road along the highways if not told otherwise, meaning, if we see a sign with crossed over cycler or walker, Karlis will get off the highway. Ok, today he passed one of those signs, but there was nowhere else to go, so it was an unescapable offense. The ascend during the first part of the day took a lot of time, so when the road finally started to go down-hill the darkness kicked in. To tell you the truth, we ware quite worried about our friend alone on the dark highway some 20km behind, but he’s a tough one and of course got by in one piece. After crossing the Pyrenees and skating the daily 110km we ended up in Huescas, a Spanish town in the middle of late summer. It seams that the autumn is caught up in the Pyrenees – after crossing the Southern European rock we are embraced by the warm wind of Spain. Hola, muchachos!

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