Bored of Borders

aWe spent the night in a parking lot of a supermarket and in the morning as true road punks scavenged the free Wi-Fi and bathrooms of the nearby McDonalds. It’s almost as living in a camping only you don’t get shower and electricity. In the morning we spent a lot of time planning our route through Spain, because it’s not enough for us to get to Gibraltar, we have to get there after rolling at least 6200km to beat the Guinness World Record. This morning we were 1320km short on this requirement, but the shortest route to Gibraltar was approx. 900km, so we had to plan a 420km detour through the rough wilderness of Spain. And by rough I mean sharp and grabby – whenever and wherever we got out of our home on wheels the Spanish flora attacked our feet with thorns and thistles. Do you know the traveling bush often seen in movies about wild-west? We saw one today traveling by the road side on the same route Karlis took. Maybe it was also headed to Gibraltar. Who knows? But Spain – you have to lo love Spain with the warm wind, wast yellow fields and the mountains always in your sight. It’s a rough but at the same time a beautiful country – at least the parts that we have traveled through so far. A little mishap with routing today – from yesterday’s good experience we assumed that it’s ok for Karlis to skate on some highways, so we planned the route according to this optimistic assumption. During the second part of the day the highway suddenly got wider, making room for three lanes, but at the same time shrinking the narrow roadside Karlis was using – it’s not a warm and fuzzy feeling you get when sharing a lane with fast going cars and trucks on a dark highway. Lesson learned. Tomorrow we will change Karlis route taking back the smaller roads with poorer surface quality but lighter traffic. The daily 110km are done and we are spending the night in a huge parking lot together with truckers, caravan drivers and other road warriors – our people, as we like to think.

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