Bored of Borders

Our morning started with a weird view – a guy was leveling the road using a concrete pillar attached to the fork of a forklift. A witty guy, don’t you think? We watched him for some time, while Karlis was getting ready, and then left him to his business. Today we drove our route away from the dangerous highway and took a road so small, that it wasn’t marked on most of the maps we were studying in the gas station earlier. The small road took us into the middle of nowhere, a no man’s land so to speak, where Karlis crossed into the 6th thousand. It was a good thing that we took this road, because there’s just no way we could draw the number 5000 on the highway without getting squashed like bugs. The bizarre thing was that on this small country road almost every driver passing Karlis felt obligated to express his or her frustration with horning and gesticulation, while yesterday on the highway no one paid any attention to the crazy person skating on the road side. This attitude drove us back on the highway though one with a smaller traffic, so it was ok for Karlis to skate on. All and all it was a difficult day for Karlis, because the road kept going uphill all day, reducing his speed and taking a lot more strength than usually. To give you an approximate idea of the ascend of this day – when we finished we were 900m higher than the start point. The total climb of todays 110km was approx. 1800m, counting all ups and downs. It’s no surprise that it took Karlis almost 7 hours to finish today’s stretch. Also for the past few days old injuries are reminding about themselves, particularly the ankle broken two and a half years ago. Now every morning starts with a struggle to overcome the pain, but as soon as Karlis is on his skates and starts grinding the road the pain goes away. At least till the evening. We hope that the old saying is true and what goes up must eventually come down, meaning that after this ascent there has to be a nice downhill ride. By the way – 10 days left ladies and gentlemen! It feels unreal that our journey slowly but definitely is coming to it’s logical end, and we are excited and a bit sad at the same time. But for now the road goes on and we are gladly following it.

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