Bored of Borders

Morning outside the city means that you can see the sunrise and today we had a perfect spot with nothing blocking the site of the horizon jagged by the contour of the mountains. The sun rose in totally clear sky and during the whole day we didn’t see one cloud. Today there was no doubt that we are out of the Spanish Siberia, because the warmish morning was followed by a really hot day – during lunch we checked the thermometer inside our home and the bar had risen to 36 degrees Celsius. It was hard to tell, if it’s warmer in or outdoors. After lunch we lost Karlis again for some time. We were waiting for him in a small village with camera set up for the perfect shot, but our friend never showed. After some time we got a bit worried and tried calling him. There was no answer. We packed the camera back into our camper and went back looking for our friend with a bit of fret in our hearts. We found him just behind the previous turn chatting with some guy with a backpack on his shoulders. It turned out, that Karlis had met yet another familiar soul – a 19 years old guy, who was walking the road to Santiago from Seville. Of course speaking with other travelers is an important part of the journey, but it would be nice if Karlis had answered at least one of his phones even just to say that he’s Ok. A bit of frustration here. After the planned 120km Karlis decided to go on for another 5, pushing today’s distance to 126km, which is the longest distance he has skated in one day so far. Even so, the good average speed of 21km/h allowed him to finish in time for the sunset.

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