Bored of Borders

Our morning started with a drawing activity. We found a deserted road leg and made chalk drawings for a videoclip. Our action drew the attention of the law, but when the law officer realized that we are working in the white-chalk technique, he just smiled and went on. So we can safely say that it’s legal to make white-chalk drawings on Spanish roads. Another thing about safety that we realized today – it’s safe to drink water available in gas stations through the water outlet that is marked as not suited for drinking purposes, but it’s not ok to drink water from the WC tap, which is not marked in any way. The water is kind of ok, but the chlorine taste is a total mood killer. Another mood killer was the dead animals on the road. Some stretches looked like the devil’s playground and Karlis said that he had never seen so many animal corpses in a day. But enough about the unpleasant. In Seville Karlis had a totally unbelievable encounter with Simon – a guy, who he had met only virtually and who wanted to write about our trip in his blog. And there he was – just walking near the bus terminal in Seville with no knowledge of our route and no intention to meet. The road works in a mysterious way. After today’s 120km we are in the last two hundred with a little tail and in two days we will finally breathe in the salty wind of the Gibraltar strain. Crazy banana =)

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