Bored of Borders

Our day started with a strategic division of the team. On our way from the camping, where we spent the night, to the start line we dropped off Zane at the first McDonald’s, which basically is our WiFi hotspot during this trip. She stayed behind to upload some video materials for the Latvian media and we carried on to drop Drop Karlis off at today’s start. On the start location we drew the symbolic 6000km mark, which was the most insignificant waypoint on this journey, because who cares about the thousands of kilometers behind you, when you have only 200km left till reaching your goal. So we saw Karlis off on his last day before the finish and returned to pick up Zane. Our plan was perfect – 20 minutes one way, so after at least an hour we should be back on Karlis route. But you know how it can be with perfect planning – life can get in the way. The gods of McDonald’s WiFi weren’t on our side and when we returned, it turned out that Zane hadn’t uploaded anything. After constant prayers we got all of the files online but it took us almost three hours. Because of this technical mishap, when we finally returned to Karlis he had already skated for 50km and had had a lunch on his own. This totally messed up our daily routine. Instead of the planned 60km Karlis skated 70km in the first stretch and instead of lunch we had a video shoot. During the last couple of days the scenery around us has dramatically changed, so we spent our midday break by a huge cactus bush. You don’t see them every day in Latvia. The highlight of the second part of our day was the casual meeting with the waves of the Atlantic. Caught up in the moment with the warm waves and wind we almost missed Karlis passing by, and in a few kilometers we were back in the mainland again. Next time we will see the waves will be at our finish at Gibraltar which now is just 85km away. It’s truly surreal, if you think of the journey we had and realize that the end is more than near. What will be the feelings we’ll get standing on the coast of Gibraltar? How will we cope with the end of the road? Who knows? But one thing is certain – whatever tomorrow brings, we will never forget this journey and the people we’ve met on our way.

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