Bored of Borders

On the final day of our journey no one overslept – we all got up at 7:00 sharp. Morning shower before the big event and off we went. We had a little mishap with the start, because Karlis couldn’t find Nick Cave’s “Into my arms” in his phone and without this song he refused to start the day, since this has been the first track of the day throughout the journey. Luckily he found the song eventually and the crisis got averted. On our way to Gibraltar we passed by Tariff, the true Southern extreme point of Europe, there’s still no answer why we chose to draw our finish line on the soil of Gibraltar and not on the rock formation of Tariff Point. Maybe the name Gibraltar just sounds better. In Tariff though Karlis had yet another amazing encounter – a guy got out of a tourist bus and approached Karlis with a question: “Didn’t I see you in Seville a week ago?” Imagine that. So today’s revelation is that Karlis is traveling with a speed of a tourist group. Another pleasant meeting occurred during the second part of the day – Karlis and Kaspars fathers joined our team for the last 45km. Unfortunately these were quite unsightly kilometers, because hunting for some extra milage we left the coast and drew our route through bushy nothingness. We saw the rock of Gibraltar for the first time only 15km from our destination and what an amazing view it was. We mocked around that if we would be in Latvia, there would be a legend about a giant who dropped this huge rock while crossing the ocean for sure. While planning our trip we forgot one border – the one between Spain and Gibraltar, and today for the first time during the last 60 days we actually got checked by a border control. To tell you the truth, reaching the Europa Point in the far South of Gibraltar didn’t wind up the emotions that we expected. Yes, we did it, Karlis crossed Europe on Nordic skates and probably set a Guinness World Record, but the true feelings and excitements are left in the little things we encountered on our way. As they say – no matter the destination the journey is what really counts. And it was a hell of a ride. So thank you for following us on our adventure and supporting us in any way, and remember – the road is out there and it awaits.

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