Bored of Borders

The wild nature part of Bolivia, which we enjoyed the most was definitely the stretch from Oruro to Chilean border. It started with complete flat road out of town, surrounded by lake, mountains, sand and wind from the back. We where still on quite high altitude at around 3800m. Reaching the vilage Corque we found shelter in one familly private house, who again agreed to share their space for fair bolivianos with us.

As the nights on high altitude might be freezing cold we where happy to stay indoor.

Getting closer to the border the horizont become like a magnet. We were staring all the time to vulcanos, which appeared far away in the landscape. Then the funny lamas joined the show! Thease creatures can make You laugh in no time 😀

Finally the white mountains made us to stop all the time and take so many pictures that the cellphone memory run out of space!

The great obstacle awaited us un the border of Bolivia and Chile, we once have already cycled to 4500m, but here the pass was 4679m high and it didn’t wandet us to roll over too fast. On the other side of the borders the road construction of 22km hugged us nicely and for the balance gave us amazing view on Parinacota vulcano. Ouh, sleeping in 4400 was ok, if You take in account that You are under 4 blankets and inside of Your sleeping bag (Karlis was afraid to sleep, because he couldn’t caught his breath at some point). Can You imagine to take shower in temperatures around zero? Karlis told that this was suicidal act and went to execute it! Can we cycle 175 km in one day..hmm? We have never done that jet, but lets try! Wouhh and the next eveneing Kārlis and Linda was greeted by Henry and Karolina Arrey very late in the evening in warm streets of Arica!

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