Bored of Borders

Due to the health problems we had to stay in Cochabamba for more than planned. Getting out of the valley was quite steep and we were unsure whether we will be able to find some place for the night. Pedalling higher and higher the temperatures droped quicker and we layered on some warmer clothes. At around 3800m we found a village Bombeo with a nice family, who agreed to share their house (kind of local hotel) by fair price of 30 bolivianos per person per night. In the morning the thermometer showed 8 degrees in the room, but we were in our sleeping bags – warm and cosy. Climbing higher in the Andes meant that we had to get to the 4300 m above the sea level, where we were told to find the next possible warm overnight place (alojamento), but the fun began, when we got there! 🙂

It turned out that there are no such a place for turists like us, but friendly school master allowed us to pitch our tent in the middle of the classroom! The locals there, where made of other material than resto f the people – they played basketball in shorts and some of them wore just sandals at temperatures of around 5 degrees. They told us that it is “mucho frio” – very cold, but they continued to walk around in sandals! Next day we where amaized by the outfit of the local man and ladies in the market – its so great that they keep on wearing the same style as their ancestors.

The highest altitude we reached on 4500 m and then luckily it went down…it was quite chilly and windy up there. Ah, forgot to tell that the road was under construction for about 50 km, so gravel made it all more fun!!

The mountains are beautiful here, please enjoy the pictures and keep in touch! We have 470 km to the Arica, which lays next to the Pacific ocean

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