Bored of Borders

First we got stuck at Sao Paulo for couple of days and not having an exercise was not on our plan, so we to a chance to kayak in Sao Paulo lake a bit.

Getting out of the metropolis was quite challenging, but slowly we left behind the walls of 20 million city. Surprise come out of nowhere – police officer appeared & escorted us out of suburbs, he was true fan of bicycling!

First flat tire on our account – check!

Amazing views in the sky – the sun hided behind the clouds late afternoon, so we decided to hide behind big, old advertisement next to the main highway.

The other day thanks to Moussa Nassar & Zuleima Fakri for opening their doors to us in quiet place called Cesário Lange, that was a peaceful night.

Next day at petrol station the dog immediately felt the spirit of vagabonds and joined for the lunch & the petrol station workers donated 4 banana to us 🙂

Up to now we miraculously manage to escape heavy rain by finding a proper shelter on the right time, hope that we will keep this skill for the trip ahead!

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