Bored of Borders

After Pedro Luiz saved our souls in Assis (host us, feed us, updated our camping and bike equipment), we headed to Vārpa. No, You didn’t misunderstood, it’s Latvian name of the place in Brazil, state of Sao Paulo. In the early 1920s, soon after the Latvian republic was established, about 2000 Baptists immigrated to Brazil and Latvians created an island of Christianity in the middle of a rainforest.

They awaited us with open arms and open hearts! Great to hear Latvian language is still spoken in the Vārpa! Great surprise, new friends and charged up!

As the way rolled further to the Mato Grosso Do Sul state, we found ourselves by the entrance of the shower zone again. It rained for whole day (2 days to be precise) and then You don’t care what kind of bread is under Your Nutella .

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