Bored of Borders

One of the missions on the island ????is to find 9kg oat flakes for the next rowing ????????‍♂️stage. It seemed to be impossible, because after checking all the shops I managed to have hold on only 0.6kg. All the flakes are redeemed, the Australian/NZ citizens, who are working here in the field of education where ready to come in the aid, because they have huge storage of food! At last, however, the largest Tuvalu store cleared out of customs the newly delivered container and put the flakes on the shelves!

The local peculiarity is 5kg of breakfast ????crackers packed in a bucket (price around 10eur for a bucket of crackers). Islanders and now myself too eat them with every meal! ????One seaman told me that, when he takes off the island for 6 months, then at least 1 bucket is necessary to take with him to survive! After the buckets are used everywhere – they carry water, use as a stool, store sugar, etc.

If there is no washing machine at home, no problem, You can rent it for 6 eur/ 24h (free shipping / delivery included).

Folks, enjoy European internet prices, or even free internet, here it is tough! 6.3eur / 1GB and it all comes down here through satellite antenas and is soooo slow, 3 o’clock at nights though it is the fastest, it is essential, because I am preparing an audiobooks ????and podcasts for the next stage!

There are 6 “gas tanks” on the island, petrol 1.3eur / liter, where they consume that I don’t understand, because the longest possible road is 17km from the end of one asphalt road to the other. Annual mileage around 1000km.

The Top of the Top for the week – CHILDREN ????????????????‍♂️????‍♀️????‍♀️

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