Bored of Borders

I have crossed the laguna. The boat is tied to a buoy. I was immediately visited by local children. Now there are 5 islanders on the deck.

I haven’t been on the land yet. The lagoon took all of my energy. The storm clouds were passing over and blowing me back.

The buoy where I am anchored is about 20 m from the shore, but my physical batteries run out just from the idea of swimming.

Kids are happy about the opportunity to be on the boat. As a thank you, they brought me a warm dinner, water, and biscuits. Some of them volunteered to swim to the island with the garbage that have accumulated on the boat and throw it in a container.

Some youngsters joined in, and now it is starting to resemble a small festival on the boat. Every now and then someone jumps in the water and crawls back into the boat.

Cheerful and happy!

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