Bored of Borders

This morning I woke up in a small spruce cluster between a supermarket and Mercedes service-center. It wasn’t a particularly scenic location, however it was a strategic one – I had made my camp near metal-shops and a construction supplies store. Early in the morning I nocked on the door of the metal-shop hoping that someone will be willing to help me with upgrading my cart. Luckily for me the company had hired a young trainee, who not only spoke english but also new how to weld stuff. After some talking, explaining and designing the welder started melting and welding and after less than two hours my cart was reinforced and ready for getting back on the road.

I decided that before leaving Rovaniemi I should visit the polar museum Arktikum, to learn more about the people living on the other side of the Polar circle. It seams that this was may lucky day, because the troubled yet determined look on my face made the museum staff think that I was an attendee of the seminar taking place in the museum. So with no such intention I somehow naturally infiltrated the ranks of seminar attendants, and let me say – the day when I will refuse a free pastry has yet to come.

After visiting the museum I dragged my wheelbarrow out of Rovaniemi and headed in the direction of Sinettä following a bicycle road near a highway. The cart rolled well, and I was thrilled to get back on the road after two motionless days. To follow the line of the Polar Circle, I had to leave the bicycle road, cross the highway and take a forest road towards lake Sevettijärvi. But there was a slight problem – to get on the other side of the highway I had to crawl up a steep embankment between me and the highway. I realized that pulling and dragging is not an option, so I turned my cart around and pushed it up the slope. It wasn’t easy, but after quite a few huffs and puffs I got over the embankment.

The rest of the day I marched West on the forest road and kept thinking that it’s nice to travl West, because every evening you can enjoy a magnificent sunset. Around 19:30 I made my camp near lake Sevettijärvi. At least for now it seams that building the wheeled structure was a good idea, because in spite of the late start I managed to walk 15 kilometers. It wouldn’t be possible without the wheels.

Karlis (66° 33.37N, 025° 29.05E)

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