Bored of Borders

Today I got off the road, so the wheels had to go. I took my sledge off the wheeled construction and secured the construction on top of the sledge. In this fashion I crossed lake Sevettijärvi and tried to find the snowmobile track starting at the lakeside. At first I wasn’t very successful, but then I met a local man, who had come to inspect his lake-house. The man was kind enough to show me the way, so I found the track, which to my surprise was marked as unusable. Since the sign only prohibited riding a snowmobile, I passed it with no worries in my head. It turned out, that this track branch hadn’t been used for a while, but thanks to the warm weather the track was solid enough for me to ski and drag the “piglet”. However after some kilometers I had to give up skiing, because the boringly flat terrain started to become more and more interesting and walking up the hill is a lot easier than skiing.

After approx. 5 kilometers the abandoned track branch merged into the main snowmobile track leading in the direction of Juoksenki. When I reached a junction of this track and some forrest road, for a while I was trying to decide which way to go, but in the end I continued following the track, because it looked more used than the road. In this junction there was an information board saying that during the next 3 days there will be some kind of an event on this track. Due to my limited Finnish language shills I couldn’t understand what exactly will happen here, but I guess I will find it out in a day or two, because I will follow this track for a couple of days.

All together this was a really nice and beautiful day. The sun was shining and constantly causing good vibrations in my mind. At one point I vibrated to such a positive frequency, that I started snow-diving with no particular reason. I just ran across the track and jumped into the snow “star-style”. I have to entertain myself somehow, you know. In the evening I realized that I have pumped-up my camp making skills, because now this process takes considerably less time than in the start of this journey. Today I’ve skied and walked approx. 21 km, and if the fortune will be favorable in five days I will be in Sweden.

Karlis (66° 35.03N, 025° 06.53E)

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