Bored of Borders

Yesterday I went out. As you normally do on Friday nights. But this time I didn’t go to the theatre, but was simply jumping over my campfire. A very jolly activity, I have to say. While I was entertaining myself, a couple drove past me on a snow mobile and it looked like they were in a hurry to get to the closest village. I am sure they also had some entertainment on their minds.

In the morning I dried the tent, had the daily dose of oatmeal for breakfast, topped up with a bit of dark chocolate (it is a Saturday after all) and took off. The first six kilometers were running along the snow mobile track. The relief did not cause any troubles and the sledge was going well. When I reached Lake Iso-Vietonen, I left the snow mobile track, which continued across the lake to the city of Pello. My plan was to take the asphalted road, so I changed the configuration of my trailer – put the “pig” on the cart and went on whistling towards the village of Meltosjarvi. The asphalt was completely dry and clean, as the lake wind had blown away the last residue of snow, so my cart was rolling without a single obstacle.

Every now and then I was passed by one of the locals, who looked at my means of transportation with great interest, but none of them stopped to talk to me, the only exception being Aira, a lovely lady who was happy to supplement her afternoon walk with a conversation. She told me that the number of inhabitants in the village is shrinking with every year, since the young people are moving away to the cities, however, she also proudly mentioned that one of her own children had returned from Helsinki to take over the guest house and reindeer garden business started by the parents. When I asked Aira about the warm winter, she told that this is the warmest winter in the last 50 years. I guess I am quite lucky.

There are no shops in the village, only a cafe, which turns out to be closed, so there will be nothing for my sweet tooth tonight. So after 21 km I pull my cart into the forest looking for a softer spot on the ground. After all, it is Earth Hour today – so I cannot not forget to switch off the lights in the tent.

Karlis (66° 31.84N, 024° 32.75E)

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