Bored of Borders

This was a surprisingly warm morning – the sun had warmed up the tent to a temperature that was enough to leave the gloves off. Slowly I placed my belongings out in the sun to dry. Although it was a Friday morning I had neither any meetings planned, nor anything else for that matter, so I could easily afford to take a slow morning. I only had a date with the forest and it seemed like something you can’t really run late for anyway.

Today I realized that I am very much like a snail – I move slowly and am dragging my house with me. Before hitting the road I slightly adjusted the configuration of my sledge by attaching solar panels to it. As the day is promising to be warm, I decided to to take advantage of it and try charging my electrical devices while walking for the first time. Everything worked great. I charged both the small photo cameras, and the batteries of the GPS clock. As the day got warmer, I was getting rid of my clothes layer by layer. Soon enough all my jackets were piled up on the sledge and all that was still left on me was the X-Bionic thermal underwear. As they say: “In X-Bionic we trust”.

The road today took me through a relatively more hilly region, so every now and then I had to sweat a little to get the “pig” up the hill, while downhill I almost had to run to keep up with the sledge. I continued walking along the snowmobile track. The cart was patiently lying on the sledge whole day through waiting for their turn, which will most probably come tomorrow. I have to say that I am very satisfied with my equipment, as now I am ready to move both on snow and asphalt.

While melting the snow for dinner, I accidentally looked in the pot and though to myself “What do we have here?”. Moss, lichen, pine needles, dust, hair. “Wait a minute! What’s up with the hair?” It took me a while to figure out that this was reindeer hair, which these forests really have no shortage of. The contents of the pot only make me giggle a little – “that’s ok, I will filter with through my teeth”. I only hope that there are no hallucinogenic lichen in the pot, which I was told about by the members of the fancy skiing club KORE. Apparently there are lichen in these forests that the reindeers eat and then watch cartoons in their heads. At this point I am actually not sure what I should be more careful of – the lichen or inadequately staggering reindeers.

Today I walked 18 km and it feels enough. Yes, I know it does not sound much, but as I already wrote – all plans were abandoned on day two and right now I am enjoying being on the polar circle rather than thinking about the kilometers. Otherwise the overthinking could make a blister in my brain.

Today is also a week since Martins returned to Latvia and I am getting used to walking and managing the daily routine alone. To entertain myself I sing some tunes to myself every now and then and make the campfire in the evenings. As this is a Friday night, I have even made a little party with one single attraction – jumping over the fire.

Karlis (66° 35.71N, 024° 57.01E)

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