Bored of Borders


I see huge waves coming out of nowhere. Surf growls like a hydroelectric station. I’m rowing around the island to wait for the tide on the lee side. It will suck me into the belly of the lagoon through the sea gate.


OK, now I can tell you, how it really was. I guess, it was my favorite way – epic way. As I rowed around the island, I occasionally got beaten by thunderstorms. The wind pulled the boat along with the clouds, past the island. I couldn’t stay outside because the tide was 7 hours away. I rowed in against the wind and the tide.

I don’t know, how I did it. I still had to row 12 km against the tide and the wind, when suddenly A BUOY emerged from the darkness!

Now I’m tied to the buoy and can switch off. I’m planning to row to the docks only tomorrow. I need some sleep.

You are great! Thank you!

P.S. As far as I can see, here’s that oasis with palm trees, white sand and, of course, the big O!

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