Bored of Borders

We had chance to experience how Bolivians celebrate the day of the Sea. That might sound strange at first moment – why the country without sea border are celebrating this kind of event! The locals told us why and we’re sure You can google that, lets jump on to our tandem and pedal up the Andes!

We knew that the mountains can be tricky and weather is changing all the time very rapidly there. First day was more or less fine, but the second started with rain, continued with rain and ended with rain. Needless to say that we where soaked to the bones, but after finding a dry shelter in road police station everything seemed ok again. The next morning come with the same rain, +12 degrees and then after 2 hours, 550 m vertical gain, 11 km cycled we stoped. During the cookies pit-stop we started to shake due to cold. It’s not the rocket science – it’s hipotermia, when You need to understand, that You can’t go no further. Luckily just 100 m from that place we found nice cafeteria, with warm food and friendly staff. Soon became familiar with the people who had come to this cafe to enjoy the holidays. Thanks to their warm hearts and good contacts with the owners, we got under the roof that night too. The final strech to Cochabamba was sunny and obviously we were determined to reach the city facilities on the same day. It included the 45 km uphill ride to 3703 m, which is, up to now, our highest point, from which we got down as fast as the bullet, ok ok, only 65 km/h, but anyway that was enjoyable 35 km downhill rid.

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