Bored of Borders

Coastal rowing is underrated. With Ocean rowing boat, which is not the quickest to manoeuvre it’s quite risky. For those, who likes the moment of discovery, there are plenty. Every new bay opens something magical. I love it! Ahh, yeah, I don’t have picture of the braking waves crushing into my boat, but it was wet surprise. I finished rowing already in the dark, anchored and went to sleep. In 2 hours i woke up and got out of the cabin to check, weather all is ok. It wasn’t! Big time! The tides have changed and so the braking waves line was just at my location. Few waves smashed the boat baddly, before I pull in the anchor and rowed in a survival turbo mode about 200m off the wet party place. Relocated to other ancorage and went to sleep. All good!

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