Bored of Borders

North-West point of Sulawesi! Wouldn’t lie, if I would tell You, that this was planned to reach by 20th of March!!????

Wouldn’t lie, if I would tell You, that I have mixed feelings regarding the Celebes sea????????! Haha, ok, someday, I will tell for sure! It really was amazingly beautiful, risky and those currents! ➡️↙️↘️????

But I feel like celebrating this little bit anyway!???? Makassar strait, please, just let me through and we will be friends forever❤????.

Today I saw how locals manage to transport the whole island????⛰, check the pics and You’ll see that too????.

Ah, by the way, for the third night I’m not anchoring or finding the buoy, just drifting and it is ok now, no counter-current! Yeeeeeee????????

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